What Does a Commercial Locksmith Do

Commercial locksmith help business owners keep their employees and inventory safe from break-ins. They can re-key locks to prevent unauthorized access and also upgrade their hardware to digital locks that don’t require a key to open.

They can install or repair comprehensive alarm systems, window bars and heavy doors that are designed to withstand break-ins. They also perform risk assessments and advise on other security upgrades.


A rekeying service is a great way to restrict access to your business without having to replace the entire lock. A commercial locksmith can quickly rekey your locks by changing the internal mechanism of the lock. This process is more cost-effective than replacing the whole lock and can be done in a shorter time frame.

Rekeying also ensures that any old keys will no longer work in your new lock. This can be an excellent solution if someone has stolen your key or you don’t want to risk losing it. It is also a good idea to rekey your locks after moving into a new home so that previous tenants, housemates, or family members don’t have access to your property.

The process involves rearranging pins in the lock cylinder to match a different set of keys. It can be accomplished by raking the plug using a chamber pick, then pushing down on each pin with a tumbler picking tool and raising them with a shear line.

Installation of new locks

A commercial locksmith is responsible for the installation of new locks in a business. They can also repair or replace existing locks when they are damaged. They may also advise on other security measures, such as alarm or monitoring systems.

A professional commercial locksmith is highly knowledgeable about the different types of locking mechanisms. They can assess your needs and recommend the type of lock that will best protect your assets, inventory, and employees. They will also help you avoid any loopholes that criminals might exploit.

Commercial locksmiths can also create keys for your locks, and they can quickly do so without damaging your existing locks. They can do this by raking through the pins of the lock, starting from the back pin. This will cause the driver pins to move properly, allowing them to turn as if there was a key in place. They can also install patented keys, which will give you control over who has access to your building.

Installation of panic bars

Panic bars are hardware that is installed on fire doors in order to help people escape from a building during an emergency. They are essentially horizontal bars that when pushed, activate a mechanism to unlock the door lock. They are required by code for some occupancies, and must meet certain standards to pass inspections.

While it may seem simple to install a panic bar yourself, you should only trust a commercial locksmith to do this job. This is because a mistake can cause it not to function properly when needed, which could compromise the safety of occupants.

Additionally, you must use a panic bar that is compatible with your lock. Some locks, such as fail-safe locks, are not compatible with these devices because they do not release the latch in a power outage. Others, such as crossbars or touchpad style hardware, can work with either type of lock. These are also available with alarms, like the Cal Royal 2000 Alarmed Exit Device.

Installation of magnetic locks

A commercial locksmith can install magnetic locks in your business. These are much more secure than traditional locks and can be accessed with key fobs or cards. They can also be integrated with intercom systems to control access to certain areas of the building. They are a great option for retail stores and other high-security areas.

A professional locksmith can also help you prevent security breaches by recommending the installation of an alarm system. This is a cost-effective way to keep your employees, customers and products safe. They can even recommend a master key system, which will simplify lock management while maintaining security.

The locks in your office cabinets and desks can become worn over time, allowing burglars to enter your business. A commercial locksmith can install new locks or repair existing ones. They can also upgrade your security by installing electric strikes or magnetic locks. These are great for securing doors in schools, libraries and hotels.

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