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Watches are intricate, so they need to be handled carefully. Generally, for mechanical watches to run well, they’ll need a full service.

That process involves a watchmaker disassembling the timepiece and looking for broken components. Then they’ll fix or replace them and polish the case and bracelet. Look for shops that are transparent about their services and offer a clear price breakdown.


A full service for a mechanical watch should include cleaning, polishing and lubricating it. It also involves opening up the case and checking it for damaged parts. Then, the watchmaker will fix them or replace them.

Most experts recommend that a mechanical watch should be serviced every three to five years. This prevents worn-out components from damaging other parts and it keeps the oil fresh, which reduces wear.

Whether you have an Oris timepiece that needs to be repaired or simply want it cleaned, this company can take care of it. The company offers repairs at its workshop and through its authorized retailers.

While the company is a bit pricey, reviewers rave about its candid, direct service and fast work. It also accepts walk-ins and provides estimates for free. Henry Ly, who runs the workshop, has emailed customers photos of their watches with highlighted repairs to explain what’s needed. He did this for Hoboken attorney Gregory Wirtz, who brought in a vintage Rolex with a cracked calendar wheel.


When the time comes to replace your watch battery, there are lots of options for you to choose from. These include department stores like JCPenney and Macy’s, jewelers such as Ashcroft & Oak/Rogers & Holland, and specialty stores such as Batteries Plus Bulbs and Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs. Additionally, there are some companies that offer watch battery replacement via mail, including The Jewelry Center and Total Watch Repair.

Besides replacing the battery, these locations also offer technical services, which can be anything from a simple cleaning to a complete disassembly and restoration of the movement. They can even perform a Water Pressurization Test to ensure that the case is properly sealed after the battery has been replaced. They can also refinish the case and metal bracelet, polishing or satin-finishing if needed. These companies typically charge for these services based on the type of watch you have and the amount of work that is involved.


Like cars, mechanical watches need to be opened up and diagnosed in order to repair them. But unlike automobiles, which you can plug into to get diagnostics, vintage watch mechanics often have to do a full service—taking the entire watch apart and looking for issues like worn parts or dry oil.

A common rule of thumb is to have your watch service near me every three to five years. After that, the movement components may begin to wear down and damage other parts, resulting in more expensive repairs down the road.

This shop is a true mom-and-pop operation. A kindly older gentleman runs the cluttered Midtown location, and Yelpers rave about his candid, direct service—plus, they say, he’ll fix your watch on the spot for a very reasonable price. He can also polish your watch, which helps restore its original luster and brightness. He’s even able to change your leather strap for you, which can be tricky.

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