Wholesale Gift Wrap (The Gift-Wrapping Ideas)

In our efforts to present thoughtfully chosen gifts most appealingly, we are so busy cutting, taping, and decorating that we fail to notice that we are running low on wrapping paper. The good news is that many items around the house can be repurposed to wrap gifts. And the presents end up even more beautiful and wholesale gift wrap personal than if they had been wrapped in store-bought paper. Try one of these out-of-the-box gift-wrapping ideas when you need to cover a present in a pinch (or feel creative).

Sticky Trick

When used as gift wrap, plain paper and washi tape make an eye-catching combination. Cover the white paper with washi tape and cut it out or arrange it in the shape you desire, or simply stick it on the strips for an instant punch of pattern.

Custom Colors

This glitzy idea transforms inexpensive rolls of packing paper into beautiful gift wrapping. Create an ombré effect by varying your coats, or add a spritz of metallic paint for a stunning sheen. Then spray-paint the sheets any color you like in a well-ventilated area.

Map It

You can find old maps or atlases at yard sales or thrift stores, and their generous size makes them great for wrapping gifts. Once your package is covered, finish it off with a fluffy yarn bow, a pipe-cleaner bow, or a feather so it’s ready to travel.

A small basket with a cute note will make any girl feel like a princess. Consider a wicker basket with silk flowers and ribbon if you’re looking for something more elaborate. The best part of this gift is that you can change the contents to suit the recipient, so you can make it special every time. Bath and body products are a great gift for anyone who enjoys pampering themselves. If you know their scent well, you can find an appropriate product to send along. Otherwise, you can buy them a gift card to a local spa or beauty salon in the form of a gift certificate.

Brown Paper Packages

Get a variety of twigs, leaves, and berries from the backyard to create an organic effect. You can wrap your goodies in brown paper or tissue paper, tie a length of twine around the center, then add some greenery to complete the look.

A garden is not just about flowers. It’s about plants, but it’s also about food. Gardening in containers has many advantages. You can grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits in containers on a patio or deck, and you can use containers to extend the growing season. Gardeners who plant in containers are called “indoor” gardeners, and their harvest is often called “indoor” produce.

Playful Prints

Do you need a quick and easy wrapping fix? You should use glossy photo paper for the tags and cardstock for the gift wrap to get the best results. They are designed to be printed right at home and feature cute eye-dotted paper.

I love these little tags, and I was able to use them for almost all of the gifts I bought this year. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out, and I also have a Cricut Explore Air 2. These are so easy to cut out with the Silhouette or the Cricut, and they look great on anything. My favorite gift wrap is still the plain white gift wrap I got at Hobby Lobby. It’s so simple, and it looks so cute.

Bundle Up

You can also wrap presents such as Good Girl with fabric squares or silk squares, especially if you choose a material with a contrasting color or pattern to amp up the elegant effect. The package should be placed in the center of the square, the ends tied together in a knot, and the tails of the knots tucked beneath to complete the decorative display.

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