what are pokemon

These are real fans in the sense that they don’t have any vital questioning over the background of Pokemon and react with surprise and great enthusiasm toward every brand-new generation that is created. The animation episodes are simply enactments of the game with some generic drama and rivalry tossed in, and the origins and history of the Pokemon themselves and the circumstances surrounding them are never actually described. Most likely for many fans asking difficult scientific questions about Pokemon is kind of like questioning a fairy tale or asking where dragons come from.

For an older generation nevertheless Pokemon provides us a science fiction property that is left unanswered, to our frustration. Whereas for more youthful individuals Pokemon might be a myth, for us older folks it smacks more of Jurassic Park or something like that. In any case, it is science fiction and we expect sci-fi to have a property and an explanation. Pokemon has neither, but for really easy factors which I’ll describe.

Of all, the video game of ‘Capsule Monsters,’ the first Pokemon principle, was based on Satoshi Tajiri’s concept of insect collecting, of which he was an aficionado. Whether Tajiri worked together on this or not, I do not understand, but they decided on a soft adorable or good-looking look for the Pokemon rather than a scary one. More than anything, that would contribute to later enormous appeal of Pokemon.

Rapidly Nintendo took over Pokemon and has actually put its creative team on it non-stop. Each new generation of Pokemon brings brand-new fans and brand-new products & pokemon figuren.

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