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Thailand Elite Official Visa

Designed specifically to meet the needs of long stayers, the Thailand Elite visa is ideal for digital nomads, retirees, investors or business people who travel in and out of the country several times per year. It is also a good option for people who are unable to fit into the requirements of other visa categories.

What is Thailand Elite?

Thailand elite official is a visa program that provides long-term residence in the form of a privilege entry visa and exclusive benefits. The program offers a variety of different packages, each offering varying benefits and prices. Benefits include VIP services such as priority immigration queues and assistance, help at the airport, lounge access, and more. Also, members can enjoy the benefits and discounts of many top hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, etc. and are supported by a dedicated member contact center in several languages.

Moreover, Thailand Elite also provides assistance with administrative matters such as 90-day reporting, business network connections, and opening bank accounts in foreign currencies. This makes it easier to live abroad and removes the language barrier. For individuals who want to move to Thailand with ease and convenience, Thailand Elite is the perfect option.

What are the benefits of being a Thailand Elite member?

Elite members have access to a variety of VIP services such as airport transfers (includes personal assistant for immigration fast-track), limousine services, 24/7 concierge services and others based on membership category. Elite Ultimate Privilege members also have access to airport lounges in departure and arrival halls at Suvarnabhumi, Chiang Mai, and Phuket airports.

Elite visa holders do not have to report every 90 days unlike those with a retirement visa or other visa types. However, members still have to report to their local immigration office on a monthly basis. Elite agents can handle this reporting for members.

Elite members do not have a work permit and can’t run a business in Thailand, but they can hold company shares and invest. Moreover, they get one free health checkup per year and have a member contact center that can help with anything. Unlike other visas, they don’t have to pay income taxes. In addition, they can travel to other countries with an Elite passport without having to worry about visa requirements.

How do I apply for a Thailand Elite visa?

Become a member of Thailand Elite and enjoy a long-term visa and privileges. No constraints related to obtaining and renewing a visa, no age limit, and a simplified process make this a very attractive option for those who wish to live full-time in Thailand.

Applying for a Thailand Elite visa involves gathering a set of documents and submitting them to the immigration office for approval. The application process can take up to three months. Once the application is approved, you will be able to obtain the visa at the airport upon arrival.

The fee for a Thailand Elite visa varies depending on the package you choose. The most affordable option is the Elite Easy Access package, which has a validity of five years. Other options include the Elite Superiority Extension and the Elite Ultimate Privilege, which both have a validity of 10 years. You can also upgrade your membership any time before it expires.

What are the requirements for a Thailand Elite visa?

The Thailand Elite visa program aims to attract affluent foreign visitors, investors, and businessmen who wish to live in Thailand long-term. The program offers a 5-year multiple entry renewal visa with VIP concierge services.

Applicants must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the Thailand Elite visa. These include having a net worth of at least 600,000 THB and investing in one of eighteen targeted industries. Applicants must also pass a criminal background check and medical examination.

Unlike other types of visas, such as the retirement visa, members of Thailand elite do not have to provide a bank statement or pay any income taxes in Thailand. In addition, members are given 24/7 customer service assistance. As of now, 3 months extra are provided to Elite visa membership holders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The duration of the Thailand Elite visa is determined by the membership package that the member selects. It may range from 5 years to 20 years depending on the package chosen.



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