Sleeping Pokemon Plush

For Pokemon fans who dream of cuddling a Pokemon while they sleep, this Sleeping Pokemon Plush will be the perfect addition to your collection! This Pokemon Eevee sleeping plush is super soft and huggable!

These cute Pokemon sleeping plushs are part of a new series called “Relax at Home.” They will be available for pre-order on Amazon Japan on April 1st, 2021.

Product Description

Whether you’re looking for a sleepy time buddy or an eye-catching stuffed animal to display as a Pokemon memento, this 5-inch Sleeping Pokemon Plush is a must have. Splayed out in a unique sleeping pose, it’s made of a super-soft material that’s sure to make your cheeks go soft. With a variety of snoozing options to choose from, including Pikachu, Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon, Bulbasaur, and Igglybuff, this snoozer will definitely be a hit with any Pokemon fan.

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Product Details

If you’re looking for a way to add a cute cuddle buddy to your collection, look no further than this adorable Sleeping Pokemon Plush. It’s perfect for any fan of the Pokemon franchise and features a mini-scale version that rounds out at approximately 5 inches. Featuring unique sleeping postures and super soft material, this plush is the perfect addition to your collection! You’ll love to snuggle this cutie and watch as he drifts off into a restful sleep, ready to face the day again.

The Sleeping Pokemon Plush is a must have for any Pokemon fan and makes a great gift for kids and adults alike. This set of three 5″ plush includes Pikachu, Riolu, and Igglybuff, each of which is in a unique sleeping pose. This set is officially licensed from Jazwares and is sure to make a fun addition to your collection! Grab yours today. Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Product Options

Get ready for a cuddlefest of the epic sort with this 5-inch Pikachu, Riolu and Igglybuff sleepover. Designed for the Pokemon fan in your life, this mini-scale snoozer is made of a high quality, super soft material that’s sure to put a kibosh on any sleep deprivation. It may also be the sexiest snooze in the history of stuffed animals, so you might want to consider one or both options for your bedside table. Best of all, it’s an officially licensed product from Jazwares.

Product Reviews

Whether you’re looking for a unique addition to your Pokemon collection or just need a new plush toy to cuddle with, the Sleeping Pokemon Plush is sure to delight! This plush is stuffed with ultra-soft material and features a cute sleeping posture. It’s an officially licensed product from Jazwares and is perfect for fans of the Pokemon franchise!

Officially branded Pokemon plush toys are highly collectible and if taken care of properly will last for years to come. However, fakes are becoming increasingly common on the internet, so it’s important to inspect a Pokemon plush before purchasing. Make sure to inspect the quality of stitching, the thickness of fabric, the materials used, and even the smelt. Fake items can be very dangerous, especially if they contain small parts. Additionally, if the seller is not an authorized manufacturer of the item, you should not purchase the item. In addition, Pokemon plush can be difficult to return or exchange if it isn’t what you expected.

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