Reiner Season 4 Attack on Titan (3 Facts About Titan)

reiner season 4

“The Final Battle” I am not going to review this episode. I am not going to review any of the episodes of this season. This is a post-mortem, not an episode review. I think it’s fair to say that there is a high probability that this will be my last season of reviewing Reiner episodes.

I’m just not sure if it’s worth it. As I was watching the episode and thinking about what I wanted to write, I felt like I could write something that would be worth writing. But as I started writing, I realized that it would be nothing more than an excuse to rant and rave. And I’m tired of that. But first, a quick recap: Reiner has been living with his aunt and uncle since he was a baby. He’s 13 now, and his uncle and aunt have decided that they don’t want to keep him any longer.

Overview of Attack on Titan Reiner Season 4

Reiner Braun is one of the key characters in Attack on Titan. Eldian Marley Warriors, who grew up in Liberio’s internment zone, are the characters featured in the story. He was also an ex-member of the Survey Corps and a member of the 104th Trainees Squad. Throughout seasons 1 to 3, fans discussed how much they hated, loved, and criticized Reiner. Reiner’s character is revealed most profoundly and most complexly in the ending of Attack on Titan. In the same way, mangaka Isayama Hajime from Attack on Titan feels the same.

Reiner proved to be a great leader by leading the battle numerous times, including against The Female Titan. During Season 2, Reiner and Berthold were identified as The Armored and Colossal Titans, respectively. Attack on Titan characters and fans alike generated a lot of hate in response to the revelations.

3 Facts About Attack on Titan Reiner (Titan Reiner)

  1. Reiner Killed Marco, But Jean Remained His Friend

Jean is extremely close to a soldier from the 104th Cadet Corps at the beginning of the manga. Marco became angry after discovering Reiner was the Armored Titan. Because Reiner is Marco’s Armored Titan, Reiner was left with no option but to murder him. The news would never be accepted, and Jean would never forgive Reiner. At the end of the show, the two became very close and spent time with other warriors and soldiers.

  1. Most People Dislike Reiner In Attack On Titan

The anime and manga series Attack on Titan features Reiner Braun as the main antagonist. In addition, Braun is the second character of the Return to Shiganshina arc. Additionally, he was the main protagonist of the Marley arc and a primary antagonist who turned into a supporting anti-hero/anti-villain in the final arc.

Braun is an orphaned twin who lost his parents at a young age. He was born in Tokyo in 1982, the second son of a wealthy family. He attended Gakushuin University, where he studied philosophy. However, after a failed suicide attempt, he dropped out. At the time, his brother and sister had already left for Europe to live with their mother’s relatives. Braun decided to follow them. After arriving in Europe, Braun was met by his brother, who was working as a doctor. His sister, however, was living in a small town called Marley in the UK.

  1. Reiner & Eren Were Close Back In Their Training Days

Eren was eventually the one Reiner was afraid of most and did everything he could to stop them from doing so. The two had been very close at one point. Reiner helped Eren become a formidable soldier by understanding what it was like to have a desire for power. The two grew closer throughout their military training. Reiner believed that Eren would accept him as the Armored Titan if he revealed his identity. Although Eren already recognized who Reiner was, it wasn’t until he watched Reiner’s role model change that he learned the identity of Reiner. Even though they had much in common, their resemblances led them to be enemies throughout the story.

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