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Model 3 Floor Mats (All You Need to Know)

You never quite know what to expect from Tesla’s “cheaper” cars when it comes to extra accessories. There are a number of accessories that we all wish we could prevent from having to clean, such as floor mats. It must be clear to Tesla that floor mats are included in the purchase price when purchasing these cars, doesn’t it?

Every Tesla Model 3 comes with a floor mat, except those with Standard Range and Standard Range Plus. Thermoplastic elastomer material is used to manufacture these Tesla floor mats, and many third-party floor mats are regarded as being of better quality model 3 floor mats Check out the rest of this article to learn why Tesla doesn’t provide floor mats on all Model 3 models and which third-party floor mats are worth considering.

Model 3 Floor Mats Are Not Standard on All Versions

There is a good chance that the Tesla Model 3 you order won’t come with floor mats as standard. There’s no carpet on some models of the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer’s cheapest model. You’ll need to purchase floor mats separately if you choose the Tesla Model 3 with Rear-Wheel Drive (formerly the Standard Range Plus).

Get the Performance or Long-Range AWD versions if you want extra performance or range and carpet interior mats. Among the comfort options available in vehicles are floor mats.

The chances are that you will receive carpet floor mats with your Model 3 if it’s delivered from China. In some parts of Asia and Australia, Teslas are manufactured in China, so all Model 3s come with carpet floor mats.

Tesla lacks floor mats in some regions but not others, which I find hard to understand. Floor mats are a standard feature on Tesla vehicles, which makes sense since they are relatively expensive. Check the ‘Interior’ section on your region’s Tesla website to see if Tesla Rear-Wheel drive Model 3s have floor mats.

Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 Are of Poor Quality

Tesla’s standard Model 3 floor mats are priced at $95. The company’s website claims they are thick to provide optimum comfort, are durable, and are stain-resistant.

There is no doubt that the carpet mats offered by Tesla offer a good deal of protection against scrapes and scuffs, as they are well stitched and look sturdy. They provide a lovely aesthetic to your car by blending with the floorboards.

A set of these carpet mats is also relatively inexpensive, so that you can get one for your matless Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 or an extra one for your Performance or Long-Range AWD Model 3. However, Tesla’s standard floor mats are often complained about for their poor quality. The carpets stain easily and trap dust, which forces you to clean them frequently, despite Tesla’s assertions to the contrary.

Car carpets commonly absorb water when the mats are exposed to large amounts of water. Furthermore, the carpet mats are not durable and may degrade quickly due to the need for regular maintenance. It is clear from Tesla’s website that some parts of the vehicle are vulnerable to damage due to the lack of sidewalls and the lack of floor mats.

A Higher Price for Tesla’s Better-Quality Floor Mats

First-party products are available from Tesla for those who prefer to stick with first-party products. But as you might expect, these are more expensive. According to the Tesla website, these all-weather floor mats cost $225. A thermoplastic elastomer is used in the manufacture of these floor mats. As opposed to standard mats, these have vertical sidewalls and a grid pattern that helps capture debris and water.

More importantly, they cover a larger area than standard mats, making them more effective at protecting floors. The mat features the Tesla logo in a majestic Tesla font, but it doesn’t stand out. Additionally, these mats are recyclable and do not contain PVC, latex, lead, or cadmium. To Tesla’s credit, its all-weather floor mats have been improved.

There was an exposed middle portion of the previous version’s floor because of its shallow side walls, leaving the floor susceptible to damage. In addition, the interlocking nature of the carpet left crevices where water and debris could penetrate.



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