Health and Safety Awareness Course

A health and safety awareness course helps employees to understand their responsibilities when it comes to workplace health. This can help to reduce the risk of accidents and illnesses which can lead to reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs for the organisation.

Additionally, it can help to minimise the risk of negative publicity and lawsuits from employees.
What is it?

Keeping workers informed about health and safety risks isn’t just a legal obligation – it can also improve worker morale. After all, who wants to work for a company that doesn’t care enough about their employees to provide them with the proper training they need to prevent workplace injuries?

ACUTE offers world-class health and safety awareness training in Ontario that goes beyond meeting government compliance. This year alone, businesses across Ontario have been fined over $5.6M for health and safety violations involving manageable hazards that could be prevented with a basic awareness course. We help you avoid this by providing the best hands-on, industry-tailored training for your staff.
Who should do it?

Health and safety training helps employees understand the regulations and procedures in their workplace. It allows them to perform their jobs effectively, efficiently, and safely and to contribute to the success of their organisation.

A successful health and safety policy also has a positive impact on morale. Employees who feel that their employers are committed to a safe environment and care about their well-being are more likely to remain loyal.

A commitment to health and safety can also play a significant role in the type of projects that an organisation bids for and receives. Organisations with a strong record of health and safety compliance are more likely to be awarded high profile contracts.
What is the content?

The course covers the basic principles of health and safety to help all employees understand their own and employer responsibilities. It also highlights common hazards and control measures in working environments, including fire safety and manual handling.

Lone workers (such as mobile or home workers) need special consideration when it comes to health and safety training. This course is for people who work alone within business premises or at home, and explains the legal responsibilities of both employers and employees, the common security precautions that can be taken and how to react in an emergency situation.

Employee morale is improved when they are trained in health and safety issues. This translates to better work performance, reduced absenteeism and a more productive workplace. The course also teaches learners about the implications of drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace.
How long will it take?

Taking this health and safety awareness course online is a great way to get started with your training. It’s a 25 minute course that helps you familiarise yourself with general health and safety procedures in the workplace, so you’ll have a greater understanding of your responsibilities if anything goes wrong.

It covers the rights and responsibilities of employees and supervisors as defined by the Ontario OHSA, so anyone working in a role where they may come into contact with hazards would benefit from this training. It also addresses the need to carry out risk assessments within your workplace.

No prior knowledge or experience of health and safety is required to take this course, so it’s perfect for beginners to the construction industry. Once you’ve completed the course you’ll be asked to complete an online assessment which you can retake unlimited times at no additional cost if necessary.
Do I need to pass a test?

Our Health and Safety Awareness course is ideal for anyone within the workplace as it covers all of the main aspects that are governed by legislation to control risk and reduce work-related ill health. It also covers the specific precautions that should be taken by staff in different job roles.

Once the lessons and training materials have been completed an online assessment will automatically unlock. This will consist of 20 multiple-choice questions and must be passed to complete the course. Retakes are available at no additional cost if you don’t pass first time.

This construction health and safety awareness course (GE707) is designed for people who are new to the construction industry and explains the basic health, safety and environment steps that you, your employer and the site or project should take. It is one of the core CITB Site Safety Plus publications.

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