Finding a Hairdresser For Curly Hair

People with curls, waves and textured hair are always on the hunt for salon magic. Often, it takes years of barber-hopping and salon-sampling before you find someone who really understands your textured mane.

These curl approved salons offer a full curly hair menu and deliver the results you want in an environment that supports your curl needs.
Aoki Hair

Dedicated to curly hair, the team at Aoki Hair will not only give you an amazing haircut, but also teach you techniques for keeping your curls in check between salon visits. They will take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to create a style that suits you best.

This family owned and operated salon has a long list of satisfied customers. They specialize in wavy and curly hair, and their stylists have years of experience working with different textures. They are passionate about creating gorgeous curls, and they offer a friendly, welcoming environment.

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Wenz Hair

Wrenn from Wenz Hair is a curly specialist and educator. She loves her work and is passionate about educating clients on how to love and care for their curls. The salon is located in Gippsland and is the only curly specialist salon in the region.

She uses a deconstructed cut and artistic flare to create shapes that compliment an individual’s curl type, facial features and personality. She only uses vegan and curl friendly products and favours Milkshake Colours for their gentler dye on the hair.

She also specialises in men’s hair and is all over the barbering game. She is a true professional and always delivers stunning results. She has a deep respect for her clients and is a real joy to be around.
Mousey Brown

A hairdresser with true curly hair expertise understands that a person’s curls are the result of natural, complex movements. It also acknowledges that a person’s textured locks need to be maintained in a way that supports their lifestyle and future follicle plans.

Located in Prahran’s bible belt of beauty, New Zealand native, Tina Rhodes, runs this salon with a strong word of mouth following. She is a force of nature with scissor wizardry that is truly impressive.

She has developed a philosophy on working with textured hair and is known to deliver amazing cuts and a whole lot of knowledge and understanding when it comes to caring for your tresses at home. You will leave the salon with a smile on your face and curls that are bouncy and full of life!
Maiden Hair

For those without a green thumb, or those looking for lush and realistic faux greenery, Maiden Ferns are an ideal solution. These beautiful plants thrive indoors, requiring shade and moist soil. They are easy to care for and work to purify the air, making them a great option for those who love greenery but aren’t always the best at keeping plants alive! Maiden Hair, Handmaiden Fine Yarn’s unique worsted weight yarn, is a stunning blend of pure Mulberry Silk with soft hazy Kid Mohair. The result is a luscious, glowing fabric that’s irresistable to the touch. A strand of Maiden Hair feels like a heavenly halo!curly hair hairdresser melbourne

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