Fashion Jeans Are More Than Just a Wardrobe Staple

Fashion jeans have become more than a durable workwear garment. The baby boomer generation grew up with spending power and plenty of leisure time, fuelling the transformation of jeans into fashion.

Brooke Shields’ risqué Calvin Klein jeans and Claudia Schiffer’s sultry Guess ads added a more sexy appeal to the garment. And high fashion brands have since taken up the style, too.

Our Legacy

Denim is one of the easiest garments to own and care for. Unlike other fabrics, jeans don’t need special washing products or fabric softeners. Moreover, jeans are very durable and can withstand rough wear and tear. Jeans also tend to become softer and more comfortable over time, and they can even start to look faded or ripped if you wear them regularly.

Although some retailers have taken steps to improve the environmental impact of their denim production, the majority of major companies still use conventional cotton and oil-derived synthetics. The industry operates on tight margins and is often unwilling to make costly changes unless pushed.

Contemporary Swedish label Our Legacy adds a sensitive slant to utilitarian and preppy silhouettes, with a playful re-rendering of classic garments. This pair of effortless jeans balances laidback, baggy Y2K nostalgia with elevated design details, including curved seams and wide legs. Wear them with a fitted white shirt and flatform sandals for a summer stroll around town.

This reworked pair of jeans uses a recycled polyester blend that’s made from plastic waste, which would otherwise be sent to landfills. They are woven with the same advanced weaving technology as the brand’s signature jeans, and they feature a five-pocket design and traditional yoke detailing. The thighs are slightly flared to flatter your shape, and the cuffs have a raw edge for an extra-cool look.

Still Here

Founded in NYC by designer Sonia Beyda Mosseri, Still Here jeans take inspiration from vintage denim she’s collected since the ’70s. The label is renowned for its classic washes and fit, each piece customized with hand-painted stripes and chainstitch embroidery. Designed to last for decades, the brand’s ‘Tate Crop’ is a wardrobe essential with a throwback feel. Wear yours with a relaxed tee and sneakers for everyday wear or dress it up with a tailored shirt and boots.

Shop the latest collection from Still Here, ranging in a variety of classic and trending styles. Discover must-have women’s blue jeans with light fading and a single shredded hole for an instant retro upgrade, or opt for the high-rise ‘Tate Crop’ with a relaxed fit and contrasting patch pockets.

Explore the full range of denim jackets from Still Here in black and white – key colors for any occasion. The ‘Chore’ jacket has been crafted from heavyweight denim and detailed with utility patch pocket detailing and contrasting buttons. Pair it with a matching pair of denim jeans to create a coordinated look.


Nothing says casual like a pair of patchwork jeans. With their home economics aesthetic and mismatched patches, these jean trends are often a homage to a bygone era and the DIY spirit that characterized the early ’60s – a reaction against the streamlined Space Age fashion popular at the time.

These denim trends have enjoyed a comeback since the ’90s as part of a movement towards handmade, homespun designs. Incorporating embroidered fabric and even faux leather, these styles are ideal for those looking to add an artisanal element to their look without breaking the bank.

To make patchwork jeans, first wash your denim and scrap fabric separately – don’t use fabric softener though, it may keep acrylic products from sticking (depending on the type of product). Once the fabrics are dry, loosely cut around the pencil lines you have drawn on the backs of the patches, remembering to leave a 1/2’’ border. Then, apply a thin coat of Fabric Mod Podge to the back of your patch and smooth onto your jeans, allowing it to dry completely.

Next, stitch the pieces of your denim together using a running stitch. “Starting from the inside of the pants and the corner of your patch, bring the needle up through the front layer of your jeans and the patch,” Fulop explains on her TikTok channel Mindful Mending.

Pink jeans

Fashion jeans are more than just a wardrobe staple. They are a part of the fashion industry, with designers creating and showcasing their newest styles on Instagram, TikTok, and in person. They’re also a big part of the environment, with denim fabrics often being dyed with toxic chemicals such as lead and cadmium. These chemicals aren’t just dangerous for the factory workers who handle them, but can also pollute local water supplies in developing countries. In China, for example, a 2010 Greenpeace investigation found that a river in the city of Xintang had levels of cadmium 128 times higher than safety standards.

A growing trend this season is pink jeans, with fuchsia and rose shades adding a fresh update to the classic blue jean. These bright colors can be paired with any color, but are particularly well-suited to white and black. The pink denim jeans with white sneakers and a blouse or T-shirt are ideal for an everyday look, while the rose pair can be dressed up with a blazer and heels for a night out.

If you’re looking to invest in some new denim, we recommend checking out Lenny, a label that specializes in custom-tailored, repurposed vintage denim pieces that are personalized with initials or symbols. The brand is loved by celebrity stylist Britt Theodora, and you can even design your own bespoke pair of low-rise jeans on the website!

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