Eyeleting Machine

Eyeleting machine helps in the production of a neat and beautiful eyelet. It reduces the time needed for manual operation. It also makes the task much safer and easier.

An eyelet machine has two parts – the hole punch and the grommet setter. The hole punch cuts the holes in the material while the setter sets the metal grommets into those holes.


There are several different types of eyeleting machines on the market. Some are pneumatic and powered by compressed air while others are mechanical and based on automation. The choice of machine type depends on the needs of a business and the size of materials being processed.

These machines can include a hopper that holds loose metal eyelets or grommets, which are then inserted into the fabric by a rotating metal finger. The hopper can also be used to hold washers, which are added to the eyelets to strengthen the connection between the two parts of the fabric.

There are also machines that can punch and place eyelets in a single operation. These machines are usually a little more compact and can be used on small-scale projects. They can be especially useful in the tarpaulin industry, as well as for leather goods and footwear. They also can be used in printing and advertising. The most important thing is to choose a reliable and durable machine.


Eyeleting machines come in a wide range of materials, each with its own specific uses and applications. Brass is a popular choice, as it offers durability and corrosion resistance. It also has a smooth decorative appearance. Other common choices include aluminum, stainless steel, and even polycarbonate.

Traditionally, a hand-operated eyelet machine requires a user to punch the hole, insert the grommet, and then use a hammer to set it in place. This process is laborious and can result in inconsistent results because of the natural variances in a crafter’s technique. Eyeleting machines eliminate these problems by combining the punching, insertion, and setting processes into one tool.

The Stimpson brand of eyelet and grommet machines includes a variety of options that fit every budget. From a simple, manual hand press to a fully automatic dual feed eyelet and grommet machine, you’ll find the right product for your needs. Regardless of the type you choose, each machine offers the same high quality and reliable performance you’ve come to expect from Stimpson products.


Eyeleting machines combine the processes of punching and insertion into one unit. This can reduce manual labor and help with consistency. It also helps with speed and quality control. This type of machine is often used for banners, signs and other applications that require a lot of holes to be punched and eyeled.

The basic parts of an eyeleting machine are a hopper, die, and setter. The hopper holds the loose grommets and a metal finger moves around the hopper to push them down into the die. The die is the piece that punches a hole in the fabric and then serves as a form for the grommet during hammering.

The flange of an eyelet sticks out into a longer barrel, making it stronger than the fabric hole itself. The flange can be covered by the setter, which bends the barrel to cover the hole and prevent it from ripping or being damaged. The hammer then pounds the flange and barrel together to set the eyelet.


Eyelet machines are used by many textile businesses for their efficiency and time savings. They help to increase production rates and make it possible for companies to produce more products in a shorter amount of time. They also provide a secure and durable way to attach grommets to fabrics.

Safety is a concern with eyeleting machines as they can cause injuries if not properly operated or maintained. The machines should be kept on a flat surface and the operator should wear appropriate clothing, such as gloves or sleeves. The machine should have interlocking guards and selector switches to control operation in areas with restricted views, and they should be used within the guidance of European Standard BS EN 1010-4:2000 Safeguards for printing and paper-converting machinery.

The EP3 manual eyelet machine is a light-operated punch and welding press designed for use by tarpaulin producers, banner suppliers and other users needing one or more grommet sizes in the same operation. Its light weight makes it easy to move and set up, and the machine can be easily changed over between eyelet sizes and geometry with minimal effort.

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