Close Up Magicians

A close up magician is a specialist who performs a range of tricks right in front of your guests. They use everyday objects such as cards, coins, and rings to create mind bending illusions. They are also able to personalise their tricks for the occasion.

Duncan’s style of magic is the kind you’d see on TV but without the smoke and camera trickery! He’s self-contained and requires no stage set up, allowing him to mix and mingle with your guests.

Magicien Henri

L’exposition de l’illustre magicien Henri présente à la public un éventail des artefacts fabriqués et utilisés dans le cadre de ses spectacles, ainsi que deux vidéos. L’une présente les temoignages affligés par l’homme meme et l’autre montre la réalisation d’un certain nombre de tours de magie.

Il propose plusieurs évènements où humour et magie se mellent harmonieusement. La première, intitulée « Le Representant » est idéale pour animater une arbre de Nol, une spectacle de rue ou une soirée familiale. Ce personnage haut en couleurs et plein de surprises saura captiver et émerveiller votre public.

MYST is a beautiful, close-up magic effect for the serious performer. It takes some set-up, but is worth the effort. The audience can’t help but smile when they witness a successful miracle of magic taking place right in front of their eyes. A successful trick makes the audience feel like they are part of the magic, and the spectator usually walks away with a memento from the moment. MYST is the perfect choice for your next parlour show!

Magicien Nick Rushton

Magicien Nick Rushton is one of the UK’s most popular magicians. He is a top award winning close up magician and has appeared on TV many times including BBC1 SKY1 and CH5. He is the perfect choice for weddings, parties and corporate events. His style of magic is fast, fun and engaging. He has entertained celebrities and large corporations, and his clients say that he is slick, charming and professional.

Nick specialises in close up magic which can be performed virtually anytime anywhere. He will captivate your guests by performing mind-blowing illusions right under their noses. He can also perform pickpocket tricks and other sleight of hand techniques. He will leave your guests with lasting memories of your event.

Close up magic is far more personal than the magic performed by stage magicians. It is also a great way to add a touch of class and elegance to your event. Unlike stage magicians, who usually stand away from the audience, close up magicians will mingle with your guests and engage them in conversation.

It is important to choose a close up magician that has good reviews and videos online. Look for videos that are unedited and live, rather than studio edited footage. This will give you a much better idea of what the magician is actually like on stage. Also, make sure to check out their booking system and insurance coverage. Ensure that they have a contract that is signed by both parties, and that they have public liability insurance (which most venues require).

The North West’s Most Busy Magician

WellZy is a full time, professional Close Up Magician who has been entertaining for over 20 years. He is a member of the Magic Circle and has performed all over the world. He is a regular at local pubs and clubs, and has been featured on television. He is a perfect choice for birthdays, hen or stag nights, weddings and private parties.

He combines comedy magic with balloon animals and clown antics to create a fun, memorable party experience for children aged 5 to 8. He is also available for corporate events and has even performed in Florida for restaurants on International Drive.

Magicien Duncan William

Duncan is a highly acclaimed magician who has performed his unique brand of magic and mind reading around the world. He has taken all of his years of experience and adapted it to the virtual setting for a truly mind-blowing online show.

He has a reputation for being one of the most innovative iPad magicians in the world, which has made him a sought after performer at technology events. He can create an amazing online show that is bespoke to your event, using custom branded wallpaper and apps and creating unique interactive experiences.

The best way to describe Duncan’s magic is that it is a combination of close ups, cabaret and mentalism. He has a great ability to read the audience and adapt his show to the needs of the room. This means that he can be perfect for a wedding or a corporate event as well as for a private party.

As a wedding specialist, Duncan has performed his jaw-dropping magic and mind reading for many happy couples throughout the year. He has a strong reputation as one of the UK’s top wedding entertainers and can provide the wow factor at any event.

His magic and mentalism will leave your guests speechless and ensure that they remember your big day for a long time to come. He can also be booked for other special occasions such as hen parties, birthday parties and christenings.

Duncan can perform either a 2 hour ’Close Up’ show or 40 minute ‘Standalone’ show. He has a vast array of tricks that will leave your guests gasping and laughing. These include turning a borrowed PS5 note into PS20, swapping your cards with his without touching them and telling you your pin number with just a single glance. Duncan also has an incredible act that is a mixture of magical feats and cutting edge technology which he calls ’Cyber Magic’. See this in action in the showreel above. This act is perfect for corporate, technology and innovation events. It can be performed in person at your venue or remotely over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx or Google Meet.

Magicien Matt

As a young boy, Matt was interested in magic and began learning sleight-of-hand card tricks from books. He also practiced his moves by performing magic for friends and family members. In addition, he took part in the Readers’ Club at his local library and borrowed many magic books. On Christmas Day, he received his first magic kit and quickly learned new tricks to impress his friends and teachers.

Matt’s unique approach to close-up magic makes his shows truly unforgettable. His unique style is perfect for corporate and private events. His clients include Fortune 500 companies and celebrities. His show combines magic and comedy to leave his audiences laughing and gasping in amazement. He has a passion for magic and a strong work ethic that keeps him practicing and developing his craft.

While at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, Matt gave an impromptu magic show to his students and teachers. He made a one dollar bill vanish before their eyes and they loved it so much that they invited him to perform with them at the schools fall/winter/spring show tour. Matt was thrilled and wrote to Simon J. Carmel, secretary-general of the Society of World Deaf Magicians, with a videotape of his act. He asked Simon for advice on his routine and techniques. Simon clucked at him like a mother hen and told him never to throw silk handkerchiefs onto the floor, as it looked bad.

He has since developed his magic career into a full-time business and performs for over 3,000 audiences per year. He is an accomplished magician, comedian, emcee and keynote speaker. He has spent over 20 years creating magical experiences for audiences all over the world. His unique shows have no bunny rabbits or tuxedos, but rather, create memorable moments filled with miracles and laughter that will stay with you long after the show is over. He is constantly learning new styles of magic to keep his performances fresh and exciting. He also teaches others how to perform his incredible magic. His latest creation is the Close-up Multi-Show, which is a great option for larger events that can’t accommodate strolling magicien close up

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