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There is a rich history in interior design in Boston, one of the oldest cities in the USA. There are a variety of architecture and home design styles within the city, from European-style homes to contemporary styles. The city’s layers of historic charm make it a great place to find some of the best design talents around. These interior designers can help you find the perfect designer for your home or business. Take a look at our complete list of the best Boston interior designers and decorators!

Dee Elms

As a talented and highly coveted local Boston interior designer, Dee of Elms Interior Design has graced the covers of New England and national magazines. Using a collaborative creative process, Elms partners with local architects, engineers, and craftspeople. This allows them to deliver the best work possible for their clients.

The Dee Elms team is committed to creating a home that inspires you. This is precisely why her work inspires! We’re not surprised that Dee’s Elms studio has become one of the most highly-rated Houzz interior designers in Boston, MA. For inspiration for your next project, browse Dee’s portfolio.

Ashley Hunte

Providing affordable interior design services throughout Boston, including Brighton, Dorchester, Roxbury, and beyond, Ashley Hunte is an up-and-coming Boston interior designer. She loves the mid-century modern style that Boston is known for. She draws inspiration from architecture, art, and fashion to create timeless designs.

The smallest touches make such a big difference. Creating classic designs for historic homes is Ashley’s goal as a top Boston interior designer and decorator. Additionally, she emphasizes functionality and makes sure that her designs work for her clients’ lifestyles.

Janine Dowling

Founded after Janine Dowling became Senior Designer at Wells and Fox, Janine Dowling Interior Design focuses on interior design excellence and excellent customer service. Most notably, Janine is highly skilled in a range of design styles, including transitional, traditional, and modern.

The motto in Janine’s office is “Teamwork makes the dream work.”. To complete any home they design, they work in partnership with architects and furniture designers. The office is also committed to partnering within its own organization. We have a diverse group of team members with a variety of backgrounds in different design components, which allows us to create home interiors that are truly awe-inspiring. Because of this, the team has established itself as one of Boston’s best interior decorators.

Paula Hamel Daher

Daher Interior Design was founded by Paula in 1995, and since then, the firm has gained a reputation for its outstanding work. In 2015, the firm won the New England Residential Interior Designer of the Year award and was featured in numerous prominent design magazines and websites. She creates elegant and welcoming homes. With Paula Daher, her highly rated Boston interior designers, your home will feel warm and inviting.

Daher specializes in combining their client’s desires with requirements. The company’s strategic planner is Paula Daher. It is truly a pleasure to work with them throughout the design process. By providing excellent customer service and presenting the right options for their needs, they assist clients.

Polly Lewis

How do you follow up being named Boston Magazine’s Best Interior Designer? By creating even more exquisite designs, of course! The founder and principal of Lewis Interiors, Polly Lewis, founded her business 17 years ago. From then on, they have been creating lively contemporary interior designs and are among the top Boston interior designers. Furthermore, she is versatile when it comes to the types of structures she creates. Whether it’s mid-century modern and eclectic, or modern with a touch of traditional – you’ll find it here.

In addition to appearing in local and national magazines, Polly has also appeared on HGTV. However, she always puts the client first. A home she designs reflects each client’s style, incorporating her expertise to make it all come together beautifully. Polly is an excellent choice if you are seeking an interior designer in Boston, MA.

Miggy Mason & Roisin Giese

Miggy and Roisin of Twelve Chairs have been classmates and business partners in the New England interior design scene for quite some time. As Boston interior decorators, they have an industrial and romantic style that clients dream of. Their designs are subtly bold and daring, with a touch of history and a touch of innovation.

Until you see them done right, black walls always seem like a bad idea. Having all white walls sounds plain and uninteresting. In their expertise, Miggy & Roisin, however, create rooms that are exquisitely composed that fit these descriptions.

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