A Shark Tooth Necklace Is More Than Just a Fashion Accessory

A Shark tooth necklace is more than just a fashionable accessory, it is believed to carry strong spiritual meaning. The ocean is seen as a source of tranquility and strength, and wearing a Shark tooth necklace is said to connect one with the elemental energy of the sea. It is a reminder of the innate power and resilience of the Shark, which can be harnessed to empower your own spirit.

Shark teeth are commonly found on beaches and are often collected as a hobby by surfers, who use them for jewelry and other accessories. They can be bought at specialty stores and online retailers, but be sure to check that the Shark teeth are real before purchasing. There are some companies that cast Shark teeth and then plate them completely with metal, which is a much more ethical choice than killing the shark for its teeth.

In Hawaiian culture, Shark tooth necklaces are worn as a way to honor ancestors (Aumakua) who have passed on. They are also believed to be associated with enhanced intuition and insight, encouraging wearers to trust their instincts and embark on guided spiritual journeys.

We at VANDAYA are proud to have created a line of shark tooth necklaces that are crafted from fossilized Shark teeth, so no sharks were ever killed for them. Our goal is to change the perception of Sharks from feared predators to elegant, strong and vital part of a healthy ocean ecosystem. Wearing a VANDAYA Shark tooth necklace is an expression of your commitment to this mission. Shark tooth necklace

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