5 Ways to Clean Your Diamond Rings at Home

Nothing is more mesmerizing than a perfectly sparkling diamond ring. While you can take your jewelry to a jeweler for professional cleanings, keeping up with regular at-home cleanings is also a great way to keep your rings bright and shiny.

You don’t need a special jewelry cleaner to clean your rings, and many common household items can be used. The best part is, most of these options are super affordable and safe for your precious metals and soft gemstones.


The familiar blue Windex cleaner does more than just clean windows. It can also be used to remove makeup, lotions and hairspray residue from rings. The clear formula is safe for most diamonds and other precious gems, though emeralds, coral and opals could damage the surface.

Spray your ring with Windex and let it sit for a few minutes before using a soft brush to scrub off the build-up. Rinse and dry your ring, and it will look like new.

The ammonia in Windex can be used to kill household insects, so keep a bottle near open windows and doors. It also works as an effective stain remover for fabrics and upholstery.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, a household chemical most often associated with making hair blond, can also be used to remove tarnish and other contaminants from jewelry. The compound is a versatile bleaching agent, oxidizing chemical and antiseptic. It is available as a dilute solution in water for consumer use and at higher concentrations for industrial applications.

The oxidizing action of hydrogen peroxide attacks and destroys microorganism cell membrane lipids, DNA and proteins. This, coupled with its relative safety for humans and other organisms, makes it an effective disinfectant cleaner and sanitizer.

Hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, water-soluble gas that is composed of two oxygen atoms. Its molecular structure has skewed C2 symmetry due to repulsion between adjacent lone pairs of oxygen atoms. This distorted geometry has the advantage of producing more readily accessible oxygen for catalyzing chemical reactions than would a planar structure such as that of water or ethane.


If your solid gold ring is losing its shine, you can use beer to restore it. Simply pour a little beer onto a soft cloth and rub it over the ring. The beer will remove oxidation and help it shine. Just be sure not to use beer on a diamond ring or other gemstones. Also, avoid dark beer.

Ketchup can work to clean jewellery too, but you have to be careful as it’s acidic and has sugar in it. If you’re concerned about damaging your ring, try immersing it in tomato ketchup instead for about five to 10 minutes. Just be sure to rinse it well afterwards.

Baking Soda

The common household item can tackle a variety of messes from food stains to stubborn odors. Its mildly abrasive nature makes it ideal for cleaning jewelry without damaging the delicate metals or stones. It also eliminates the need for expensive, specialized cleaning products. Choosing this natural cleaner also reduces your environmental footprint.

Baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) is a leavener used in baking to produce the carbon dioxide gas that causes foods to rise. Its properties make it ideal for tackling tarnish on jewellery made of a tarnish-prone metal like silver.

However, this method is not recommended for softer stones or plated jewellery pieces as it is too abrasive and could scratch them. Vinegar, another popular at-home solution, is acidic and would damage these items.


Vinegar is a kitchen staple. It’s used to flavor and preserve foods, make pickles, and as a cleaning agent for surfaces and cookware. It’s also a popular alternative to household cleaners because of its natural properties.

It is believed that vinegar has several health benefits, including lowering blood glucose responses to a carbohydrate-rich meal and increasing short-term satiety. However, more research is needed to support these claims.

Vinegar is safe to use with most types of metal jewellery but it may damage some precious gems like pearls. Using a mild soap, such as mild dish soap or castile soap, instead is safer for these delicate items. Rinse your jewellery pieces thoroughly after using any homemade cleaning solutions to ensure all loosened grime is completely washed away.ring cleaner

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