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When you want to get a dog

When you’re at a pet store or at the pound you are probably thinking of how great the experience is going to be as soon as you get your dog. However, the dog you get may have a drastically different personality. The object is to find a dog that you can care for and love.

Keep in mind that dogs are expensive. Every dog requires good quality food, general supplies and medical care; this can range in cost from $700 to $1000 per year. It can cost a lot of money to take your dog to the vet in an emergency, so you will want to investigate health insurance for your pet.

It’s very important to make sure that your home is safe for a dog. Don’t take a dog into your home without being sure that it is safe from top to bottom. Cleaning supplies and medications should be locked away, and any indoor trash cans need to be put in a cabinet. Certain plants are toxic, and it’s best to move them, too.

Take a photo of your dog when you plan to take him on vacation. This ensures that, should he get lost, you have a current photo, ready for showing around or being used in flyers.

If there are prescription medications in your home, be sure to keep it out of your dog’s reach. Just a few of your pills could literally kill your dog. Call your vet as soon as possible if your dog swallows any pills.

Rawhide bones are the best options for your dog. Bones can chip and get lodged in the digestive tract or mouth. Rawhide is healthy for their teeth and gums, so don’t share your bones, even if the dog wants it!

If your dog behaves badly, correct the behavior immediately. If you ignore it you might make it worse than before. It is possible that your dog could injure a person, and that person could be you! So correct unwanted behavior right away.

Clip your dog’s nails. When they start curling under, the dog runs the risk of experiencing pain. You can do this yourself using a pair of dog clippers from the pet store. If you lack the confidence to do this job on your own, a pet groomer will usually do it at a low cost.

It often feels right and natural to offer your faithful canine buddy a morsel of whatever treat you’re enjoying. This is okay with certain foods, but some things are very bad for a dog. Dogs are not able to tolerate grapes, chocolate and anything with caffeine, for instance. They can cause illnesses and, in some cases, even death, and your dog will not benefit by receiving them.

Are you aware that feeding your dog vitamins can be dangerous? Don’t give a dog extra vitamins. An overabundance of vitamins may harm their joints, bones, and blood vessels. Before giving your dog vitamins, get your vet’s OK.

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Try out a variety of rewards when training. What does your dog like best? If you are giving treats, try crumbled egg or ground turkey which has been cooked. On the other hand, if your dog enjoys playing with toys, provide him with a new toy whenever he behaves. Some dogs just like to be shown attention as a reward.

Outdoor dogs need attention just as much as indoor dogs do. He is sure to acquire poor habits such as digging and chewing if without company for long periods. He may also start acting aggressively. Make sure that dog gets playtime and lots of love to be as happy as can be.

This article presents a lot of techniques that can help you care for your dog. Use it in all that you do and watch the difference in the behavior of your dog. There is nothing greater than receiving unconditional love from a well-trained pet dog.



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