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Tiktok Messages (How to Send It on Tiktok)

You’re not alone if you’re just getting into TikTok or are new to the app. Each month, thousands of new users sign up, and it appears that many of you are trying to figure out how to use this video app.

While the design is very simple, it will take you a little while to get used to it unless you’re under 16 or have someone show you what to do. Today, we’re going to learn how to use TikTok, such as how to send a message.

In TikTok, you can create separate chat channels between friends or comments and chat over a video. This is similar to what you can do on Snapchat. In either case, the app makes it very easy for you to chat with friends or make new ones very quickly.

How To Navigate on Tiktok

TikTok requires you to create an account by entering your phone number and email address or logging in with Facebook. Your username and profile picture are then customized. In case you want to add a video to your bio, you can do that now or go back to the settings and do it later.

You’ll be directed to the app as soon as you’re done. In the For You section, you’ll find a system feed of randomly selected videos chosen just for you. Once the app knows you, it will tailor the content according to what you’ll like most. Allow the video on-screen to finish to start another automatically or swipe up to see another video.

There is a profile icon next to each video, a heart icon that acts like a like on Facebook, and a speech bubble for comments. The comments are where you will send messages at first. The next item is a sharing icon for sharing the video on other social networks. The final item is a tracklist for the audio played in the video.

The Interface

Learning how to use the TikTok app (or all the buttons and options) isn’t too difficult. Once you figure out what each button does, it’s easier. When you first open the app, the videos begin to play immediately.

The videos you see on TikTok usually relate to your location, language, and interests, even though the algorithm is a bit of a secret.

There are options at the top of the app, on the right, and at the bottom. You can choose the home option to view TikTok’s main page, where videos are automatically played.

You can search for other users using the ‘Search’ feature (only available in the app version).

You can tap on the ‘Plus’ icon in the middle of the screen to add your own flawlessly unique TikTok videos.

You will see your activity by clicking the icon to the right of the ‘Plus’ button. This includes anything you’ve commented on, talked about, or followed.

You can access settings, your profile, and more administrative options by clicking on the ‘Me’ link on the far right of the screen

How To Send a Message on Tiktok?

You can message someone on TikTok in two ways. You can leave a comment on a video they uploaded, respond to a comment they left on your video, or contact them directly through their profile.

TikTok requires you to be a friend or follow an account before sending a message. Messages can be public or friends-only, depending on the recipient’s privacy settings.

The TikTok app will bring you to a list of your friends by tapping on the ‘Me’ option and then selecting ‘Following.’ Once you have selected a profile you wish to contact, tap on ‘Message.’

The user’s profile can be accessed by tapping on the icon that looks like a message next to the plus sign if you just friended them. You can use this to go to your recent activity, so it’s a bit of a shortcut.

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