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The Different Types of Lawyers You’ll Find at Lawyer Hattingen

Whether you’re writing an article or a blog post, it’s important to get your readers interested in what you have to say. That starts with an effective introduction.

A good introduction will tell readers what you’re going to talk about and how they can benefit from reading your article.


Taxation is the system by which a government takes money from people and organizations and spends it on things such as education, health, and defense. The system is widely viewed as necessary to ensure social order and economic development.

Taxation varies widely across countries and jurisdictions, and has been a primary source of revenue in many societies for thousands of years. Typically, a country levy taxes on individual income and corporate income. Some also impose wealth taxes, inheritance and estate taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, use taxes, payroll taxes, duties and/or tariffs.

Banking & Finance

Banking and finance is a hugely technical, jargon-heavy and ever-changing area of law. This is where you’ll find lawyers advising on everything from regulation to investment and capital raising, and the management of financial liabilities.

Banks are responsible for accepting funds deposited on current accounts, making advances to customers on their credit cards and investing in marketable debt securities (including banknotes and bonds). They also offer certified checks and other payment services.

Employment Law

Employment law covers nearly every aspect of the workplace, from hiring, firing and termination to working conditions, wages and overtime. It also addresses issues such as illegal discrimination, sexual harassment and your safety at work.

A career in employment law requires a strong understanding of legal principles as well as problem-solving skills. The practice is especially exciting for aspiring attorneys who want to help ensure equal opportunity in the workforce.

Real Estate

Real estate is a complex and ever-changing legal landscape that requires experienced counsel. Whether you are an investor, developer, lender or owner of property, you need a team that understands your needs and can navigate the changing environment.

Rechtsanwalt Hattingen can assist you with all aspects of real estate law, from acquisitions and sales to financing and development. They also advise on zoning and land use issues, title insurance policies and more.

Administrative Law

Administrative law is a branch of public law that explains how the executive branches of government create, enforce and administer laws. It deals with the making of rules and regulations, and the judicial review of those decisions.

In the United States, the Supreme Court reviews executive branch administrative laws and regulations to determine whether they are constitutional. The courts may set aside a law or regulation that is arbitrary and capricious, or an abuse of discretion.

As a result of the growing complexity of society and the business environment, governmental agencies have become increasingly involved in rule making and regulation. This has been the case at both state and federal levels.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a set of rights that allow people to earn recognition or financial benefit from the creations of their minds. It protects these creations in law through patents, copyright and trademarks.

These rights are designed to strike a balance between the interests of creators and society in general, and to encourage innovation. However, the rights vary widely internationally.



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