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shopping for silk pillow cases

Some of the crucial facts you are going to look for when shopping for silk pillow cases are the following: type of silk, thread count, momme weight, manufacturing process, country of origin and the one intangible of them all – the feel. The feel of a silk pillow case against your face is what all the other things combine to give you from silk pillowcase uk

When looking for silk pillow cases the type of silk used is the first piece of information that you should get. If the silk is wrong, the rest doesn’t matter. What you are looking for is charmeuse or mulberry silk. The good thing is, most silk bedding is made from these kinds of silk. If the package you are looking at mentions other kinds of silk, such as Assam, tussah, habotai or even raw silk, it’s best to put it down, come back to the internet and figure out what those are. They most likely won’t give you the smooth and luxurious night’s sleep that you are looking for.

Although a silk pillow case is just pieces of silk held together by thread, the thread actually doesn’t matter. Virtually no manufacturers will designate the type of thread used. It is better to spend your time and energy trying to figure out which design is best for you. While the open sack design of most pillow cases is going to be the easiest to find, perhaps you should try to find the hidden flap style instead. This style has a flap that helps keep the pillow inside the pillow case – especially helpful when dealing with slippery silk.

Momme weight is important but not too important. 16 to 19 are the numbers you’re looking for. Above that is too thick, below that too thin. No momme weight listed? Relax, it’s between 16 and 19. As far as thread count, anything above 400 and it will be good. Don’t fall prey to the 1500 thread count ploy. While that may be nice, the prices aren’t. Plus, some manufacturers inflate their thread count.



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