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Shamanic Meditation – A Complete Guide of Meditation

It is essential to your pursuit of a balanced life that you build a strong connection to the spirit. Shamans are regarded by most people as being somewhat scary – but in fact, they are simply people who are able to reach the spirit world through altered states of consciousness.

There are many similarities between this experience and what happens during deep meditation! Shamans have been seen shamanic meditation as healers and spiritual guides throughout history, and shamans have been known to access and direct both malevolent and benevolent forces in order to manifest certain outcomes in the physical world.

Shamanistic Journeys are an evolution of communication between you and your spiritual guides (your higher self and others) – and through that, to take you on a personal journey of healing and understanding.

Even beginners can learn shamanic meditation. The goal of the practice is similar to eastern meditation practices in that it seeks to connect with the higher spirit in order to heal the mind and body, and to gain a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us.

While shamanic meditation focuses on connecting with spiritual guides, Eastern meditation tends to focus on transcending physical reality, which is the entire point of eastern meditation.

Meditation in Shamanism does not involve getting rid of the stresses and illnesses of daily life. The focus is on using a spiritual connection to resolve worldly concerns.

The Various Concept of Meditation:

The following are various concepts to meditate on. There are some concepts that are more difficult to understand intellectually than others, so to fully comprehend them, we must move beyond logic into the realm of spirit.

Your Shamanic Journey begins when you begin your personal connection to your spirit to access higher levels of spiritual awareness. The next step is to enter a state of altered consciousness. It has traditionally been accomplished with repetitive drumbeats, chanting, and in some cases, mind-altering substances.

  1. Creativity Expressions:

A creative act is not the result of a quality of the mind. Creativity is much more like the revolving of the Earth around the Sun that creates night and day. It is an expression of spirit, not intellectual or mental ability. We reach our creative potential when we connect with this energy and let it move through us.

  1. Making a Decision:

The power of determination is what fuels desire. Ponder on this. You will gain clarity and courage to pursue what you want and need with your spiritual guidance if you are stuck in an unrewarding career or relationship.

  1. Getting An Understanding:

We already possess everything we need to understand. This ancient wisdom is a part of all of the world’s great spiritual traditions. Our questions have already been answered, and shamanic meditation can help you uncover whatever knowledge you are seeking. To discover the knowledge and understanding hidden from your awareness, dig into your spirit like an archaeologist searching for lost civilizations.

  1. Follow Your Heart:

What you feel is closer to the truth than what you think. Thoughts can be too heavy and have a tendency to turn negative. The dangers of favoring intellect are evident if you have ever talked yourself out of doing something that felt intuitively right but looked logically wrong on the surface – only to regret your decision later).

  1. Share the happiness!

Happiness is something you can only share with others. It is not something you can keep to yourself. When you share your happiness with those around you, you will find that your own happiness expands. There is no external force that can make you happy. It is only possible if you were happy if you choose to be happy – and your happiness can only be shared, not found.

  1. Finding Your Innocence:

Innocence cannot be separated from moral wrong, for innocence is not divisive. An innocent child lives in the moment. The past cannot be changed and the future cannot be predicted. Moments are all that matter. There is no purity or innocence in that. Meditate on the here and now. Observe what is happening to you and around you right now. There is no way to fix what has already happened, and there is no way to break what has yet to happen. Focus your healing spirit energy on what is happening now.

  1. Appreciate the journey:

If you don’t learn to be who you aspire to be where you are now, then you will never become your aspired-for destination. Don’t head in that direction. Instead, bring your destination to you.



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