Power Word Kill 5e Damage in DND (The Latest Guide)

power word kill 5e

The other day I was looking through the rules and realized that there is not really any way to remove a monster from play. The closest thing to it is that when an attack hits, the creature is removed from play if the attack causes damage to the target. But that can happen in multiple ways: a successful attack, a failed attack, or if the attacker is in the area of effect of an ability.

So I was thinking about how much I enjoy having a monster on the board that I can’t kill with my attacks. It’s sort of like an extra body that you can move around, and in this case, it can be removed at any time (though I don’t know of any cards that specifically say that). This means that the card is in play but doesn’t have to be directly contributing to the game. It also means that it’s not dead yet, so there is no real reason for your opponent to kill it unless they want to. And even then, they could just try to make it into a different creature, which is always a good option. This got me thinking about all the similar other cards in Magic.

How Does the Power Word Kill 5e Damage In DND?

This power kills creatures with a maximum hit point of 120. Saving throws are not allowed. The “Power Word Kill” spell is a 9th-level Mage spell that kills its target instantly. When this spell is spoken, one creature within the spell range can be instantly killed. It can kill any creature with 120 hit points or less. Saving throws are not available.

The “Power Word Heal” spell is a 9th-level Wizard spell that heals all creatures within a 20′ radius of the caster for 60 HP per level (1st to 4th) or 120 HP per level (5th to 9th). The caster can only heal himself by using this spell. This spell cannot heal unconscious creatures. Saving throws are not allowed. The “Power Word Absorb” spell is a 9th-level Cleric spell that absorbs a single non-magical weapon attack that hits the target. If the weapon’s damage equals or exceeds the caster’s maximum hit point, the caster loses 1 HP. If the weapon’s damage is less than the caster’s maximum hit point, then the spell absorbs the weapon’s damage. The weapon is destroyed if it is magical, and the spell ends if the weapon is no longer a weapon.

Can the Power Word Kill spell kill PCs instantly?

No more than 100 hit points are needed for Power Word Kill to kill a PC. According to a quick calculation, several high-level PCs could have over 100 hit points at full health. Level 18 Paladins would have an average hit point of 103.

As a 9th-level spell, this spell is also a bit weak. Meteor Swarm could be cast on a group of PCs by a monster, causing 40d6 damage to each. As a result, it could be just as problematic as the sudden death of a one-party member.

How Effective Is the Spell?

If it says “Kill,” it means they will die. They cannot save themselves. The target is killed. Spells like this can be useful in damaging creatures. As a 9th-level spell, it has a lot of power. Any shapeshifter with less than 100 horsepower is instantly killed. When they drop to 0, they do not return to their original form. Both damage resistance and magic resistance are bypassed. A similar argument can be made for legendary feats (such as Lucky) or class features (such as The Divination Wizard’s Portent). That’s why it’s a great spell.

Level 9
School Enchantment
Casting Time 1 action
Range  60 feet
Component V
Duration  Instantaneous
Class Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard


Deathward counteracts the effect and ends it. Alternatively, power words kill target an animal within range, meaning you will not be blinded or rendered invisible if you are able to see it.

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