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how to be a bartender

Why do so many people want to know how to be a bartender? There are many reasons why people think they want to tend to bars, such as to have prestige, make tons of money, attract the opposite sex, be calm, and no longer have to work hard. Okay, some of those are facts; however, some are just plain silly. Bartending does indeed have a certain amount of prestige compared to a server or bus person. You can make a ton of money if you are an outstanding bartender and work at an establishment with high-class clients. There does seem to be something appealing about some bartenders, but not all. The most ridiculous is that bartenders do not work hard.

It is a common misconception that bartenders only have to mix some drinks and wash a few glasses. They will then be able to spend the rest of their shift flirting with their groupies. If those people decide to become a bartender, they will be unpleasantly surprised.

A day in the life of a bartender has many roles that they must play. Of course, they mix drinks which means they have to know hundreds of recipes, what glass to put them in, and what kind of cocktail garnish to use, such as a Dragon fruit garnish. During rare downtime, they entertain the customers that they do have by telling a few jokes or showing some card tricks.

A bartender indeed has to be a therapist as well. Something about a bartender makes people want to tell all. They flirt and are flirted with frequently. They have to be actors when they are feeling down or not feeling well by biting the bullet and appearing to feel great. The biggest is that they do manual labor. Emphasize that one. In addition, they should be able to walk and do aerobics for six to eight hours, be experts at multi-tasking, be an excellent listener, have remarkable memory, and have extreme patience.

Being a bartender is easy. Learning how to be a good bartender is a challenge. However, the best bartenders that care about learning to do their job well will reap the rewards and enjoy having a good and profitable career. Someone who is already bartending but not making much money needs to learn some tricks and techniques to make the kind of money they have heard about. If someone plans to be a bartender or has been a bartender for a short time, they need to be told the true story of what goes on behind the wood.



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