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Hair Salon Furniture and Equipment to Elevate Your Client’s Experience

Providing salon clients with the right furniture and Équipements salon de coiffure will help them feel comfortable in your chair, elevate their experience and boost your brand image. Whether you want to keep costs down with value-priced furniture or invest in premium quality will depend on your clientele and service list.

Styling stations need to be comfortable for your stylists and also provide a clean, organized workspace. Look for models with a convenient storage space for tools and utility trays.

Shears & Razors

For stylists that want to give their clients a clean, professional-looking cut with the ability to shape and style, shears are an essential tool. Thinning shears are an excellent choice for blending in fades and other hair cutting techniques and help reduce the bulk of thick haircuts.

Arrojo says razors allow for “a more natural-looking motion, so the styles you create will have more movement and swing, which is harder to achieve with scissor cuts.” He adds that shears are great for etching texture directly into the hair while creating blunt shapes like the shag haircut that’s been popular lately.

To keep shears and other salon tools and implements sanitary, each station must have an adequate number of closed disinfectant containers that are large enough to completely submerge all surfaces. The disinfectant should be bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal; check the product label for proper instructions for mixing and dispensing. Then, after the necessary time, all implements must be rinsed and dried thoroughly.

Electric Styling Tools

Hair dryers, curlers, wands and flat irons all provide different heat-based styles for a variety of looks. Premium hair styling tools are ideal for ensuring that each customer leaves with beautiful, smooth locks.

Hair salons, spas, and beauty institutes and academies are the commercial segments that have increased product consumption due to the greater adoption of professional appliances with high-end features. These products are distributed via supermarkets, specialty stores and online channels.

Install energy-saving plug load devices that can turn equipment down to a low power state or shut it off completely. This can save electricity used to power these tools, and also reduce the amount of energy needed to power lighting and space heating. For sprayers, opt for models with lower water-flow rates that reduce natural gas usage for water heating. Salons also benefit from adjusting station zones and focusing energy use in areas where employees are active.

Shampoo Bowls & Backwash Units

Having a top-quality salon backwash unit can make clients feel relaxed and luxurious during their wash, making the whole salon experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Plus, having a well-functioning shampoo station can also make hair stylists’ jobs easier and more efficient.

There are different options for salon backwash units, from shampoo bowl sinks that stand on pedestals to those built into chairs that can recline. Some are also designed with specific client needs in mind, such as those who have mobility issues — for example, the Adjust-A-Sink Wheelchair Accessible Salon Shampoo Sink, K100, which can adjust to accommodate different heights of individuals in either wheelchairs or traditional salon chairs.

One thing to keep in mind is that any type of salon backwash unit or chair that has plumbing should be installed by a licensed plumber to avoid any long-term problems with the sink or other salon supplies. This is especially true for salon shampoo bowls and chairs that are attached to a water supply or sewage system, as these require regular cleaning to reduce the risk of bacteria growth.

Other Salon Supplies

A salon needs a variety of supplies to keep it functioning. These can include furniture, like a comfortable styling chair that matches your decor and is designed for stylist efficiency. It should also have a shampoo bowl area that is designed for client comfort and sanitation.

You will also need a variety of hand-held salon tools, including tweezers, nail clippers, and brush sets. Some of these may need to be sterilized daily. For this, you need a sanitizer that is safe for your hair products.

Other supplies, such as cleaning products, brooms, dustpans, and disinfectant wipes will be essential to keeping the salon clean and hygienic. You can find many of these at a wholesale supply for hair products, such as CosmoProf or SalonCentric. These supplies will help your clients feel at home in your salon, which is one of the key ways to build loyalty and a good reputation in the community. A ring light is also a great tool to have on hand for taking professional images of your work.

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