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Different Kinds of Equipment Used in Equipment Cleaning

There are many different kinds of equipment that you need to clean and disinfect. They include sweepers, pressure cleaners, vacuums, and polishers.

Each of these machines is designed to be used for a specific cleaning task. Having a basic understanding of how they work will help you select the right one for your needs.


Scrubbers are used in equipment cleaning to remove contaminants from surfaces, often replacing mops and buckets. These machines work by applying cleaning solution and aggressively scrubbing and drying surfaces in one pass.

They can also be a great way to clean large areas faster than mops and buckets, leaving floors much cleaner and more dry. They are available in compact walk behind models and larger ride on types.

Walk behind scrubbers are often smaller and more energy efficient than ride on ones. They are designed to be pushed across narrow hallways or corridors and can easily be stored when not in use. For bigger floor areas, ride on scrubbers have larger water tanks and brushes. They have specialized sprays that deploy an ample volume of liquid without any excess, saving the operator time refilling the tank and shortening the cleaning process.


Polishers are cleaning machines used to give a shine to hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum, vinyl, concrete and polished marble. They are often used in commercial cleaning applications where the floor is large and requires a lot of attention.

They operate by rotating the floor pad or brushes to scrub, polish or buff a floor surface to help bring out its natural shine. They can also be used to wax floors and provide a layer of protection against water, heat, dust and stains.

Polishers come in many different sizes and types to fit a variety of facility needs and budgets. They range from traditional entry-level (basic) models to advanced machines with features such as automatic height adjustment, dust control and noise reduction.


Vacuum cleaners are machines that use suction to remove dirt and other materials from a variety of surfaces. They are generally electrically driven.

Vacuums are available in a wide range of sizes and models, from small battery-powered hand-held devices to massive stationary industrial appliances that can handle several hundred litres of dirt before being emptied. They are also used in industrial applications, such as recovery of large spills or removal of contaminated soil.

Some commercial vacuums are designed to pick up both dry and wet residue, such as dust and oil. They are often called wet and dry vacuums, or WD&Ds.

These specialized shop vacuums can be used to pick up a wide variety of materials, including oil slicks, powders, sand and rocks. They are especially useful in industries, such as construction, where different types of material need to be removed or disposed of.

Regular maintenance can make your vacuum run like new and remove the musty smell that many vacs develop over time. It will also help to ensure that the belt and beater bar aren’t clogged with dirt, debris or string from carpet fibers.

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber cloths can be an invaluable tool for cleaning equipment, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas without using chemicals. They are made of millions of tiny fibers that attract, lift, and grab dirt better than ordinary rags or towels.

They are also more durable than cotton cloths, and they can handle tough stains. However, like other cloths, they need to be properly cleaned.

The best way to keep your microfiber cloths in top condition is to wash them regularly. Many companies recommend washing them separately from other laundered items in either warm or hot water. This will help them last longer.



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