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Apex Legends Octane – Everything You Should Know

Apex Legends, now in its eighth season, has been a wild card option for fans of battle royales. Long-time Apex players may still play one or two of the original characters to this day. In Apex Legend’s debut season, Octane was the first character to unlock. Every successful squad has had him as a cornerstone since then. Today, Octane can still be unlocked for 12,000 Legend coins (in-game currency) or 750 Apex Coins ($7.50). Octane, the speedster in Apex Legends, has everything you need to know about him and has apex legends octane on your wallpaper.

Octane’s Lore

In his official bio, Octavio “Octane” Silva states that he is the heir to Silva Pharmaceuticals’ former CEO who was often bored. For entertainment, he posted holovids of himself performing death-defying stunts online for his fans to gawk at.

Fragboosting through the Gauntlet was one of these stunts in Titanfall 2. Respawn seems to be inspired by the current world record holder in the Gauntlet, as Octane used grenades as well to run and jump faster. His legs were ruined due to a miscalculation in the finish.

He was lucky enough, though, to have Lifeline assist him in faking orders for bionic legs. He was able to run faster and heal better with his high-tech legs. He decided to participate in The Apex Games because he knew he could succeed.

apex legends octane edition
apex legends octane edition

Octane’s Abilities In The Game

He needs constant adrenaline rushes, so his abilities perfectly match his needs. Octane apex legends all have passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities. Octane has those abilities:

Passive: Swift Mend     

The passive abilities of Octane are among the best of the bunch. As long as Octane does not take damage, Swift Mend lets him slowly recover health. However, your health is restored every other second, which is a bit slow. Using Swift Mend also reduces inventory space since fewer health items must be carried. Additionally, your teammates who do not regenerate health can have more.

Tactical: Stim

This is a perfect example of Octane’s willingness to risk going fast. Your movement speed will increase by 30 percent for six seconds after activating Stim. It seems insignificant, but you can get up to fleeing players in no time, or you can flee yourself. When you use Stim, you will lose 10 percent of your health, so make sure you are shielded and not close to death before you use it.

The LaunchPad

The ultimate ability of Octane enables you and your teammates to shoot into the air from a launchpad. There aren’t as many vertical leaps as the red balloon ziplines, but it’s still possible to clear relatively tall buildings. Octane’s ultimate isn’t as practical as it could be. The game is fun to use, however, and Octane is all about stunts.

Octane’s combat abilities

Because of his speed and close-range abilities, Octane is the perfect legend for those who prefer to perform close-range damage. His tactical abilities are particularly useful within structures. But it is true. When someone moves faster than you, it can be hard to gain an advantage. With Octane, you can take your opponent by surprise, thanks to its tactical ability. The 10 percent sacrifice is worth it since you will regenerate health after you kill your target. In the end, speed kills.

With Octane, you can take a shotgun, an SMG, an automatic rifle, and even a sidearm and turn it into a machine. The skills Octane possesses make any weapon most effective at close to midrange a good choice. In addition to his tactical ability, Octane’s health regeneration makes him an excellent choice for healing. Lifeline is not a replacement for him, but he offers an interesting skill set.

You can use Octane’s Ultimate to sneak up unsuspecting squads through the air, but Stim is Octane’s best ability. Using it effectively gives you a unique advantage.

Apex Legends Octane Face Revealed

Apex Legends players who have encountered Octane know the energetic daredevil wears a mask that covers almost all of his face. Now, Respawn has released a photo of Octane without his mask, allowing players to speculate about his eye color, hair texture, and facial structure.

It appears that Respawn has managed to nail Octane’s appearance, despite the mixed reactions to the reveal. It has been suggested that his slight imperfections make him a more believable and realistic character.

There will never be a character’s reveal that pleases everyone, as with any other character’s reveal. I’m glad to report that the community has generally approved Respawn’s design for Octane’s face. Bloodhound’s turn is coming soon; when can he remove his mask?



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